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Mike Green
Engaging Communities

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Mike Green

Engaging Communities
Community Partnerships That Really Work
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Mike Green on ABCD in Action

“ Mike has a unique and rich set of experiences and skills. We believe that Mike's many years of successful community organizing, community building and ABCD-related work make him an invaluable resource.”  -- John McKnight and Jody Kretzmann, founders of ABCD Institute
Experienced Consultation
Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Training How do you go from ABCD theory into practical effective action?
ABCD Community Organization How do you start and develop a capable resident centered community organization for ABCD?
ABCD for Inclusion How do you create a strong citizens’ initiative to bring labeled people from the community edge to the community center?
Community Partnerships How do you get local people and groups more involved in your organizations’ work?
Organization Change How do you change your agency to effectively strengthen local residents, neighborhoods, and communities?
Community Building Staff How do you identify and train strong community building staff?
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